Hi...my name is Kimberly Lynn and I am a Studio and Natural Light Photographer from Florida.   I reside in a small town near Tampa with my husband, a rabbit named Panda, my grown children and my even better grandbabies.   I have taken pictures since I was in high school and for years obsessed over studio photographers.  Dressing up any child that I could persuade and then hauling them down to a studio (Olan Mills etc...   yes this is dating me)  to have endless photos taken.   After years of explaining to photographers what I wanted to achieve I decided to get a  camera and start myself. 

      I  am today and have always been drawn to Children's books as it influneces my work greatly. The Illustrative side of it is amazing to meThe storybook feel to pictures is always forefront in my thinking.  I hope you enjoy browsing within my site.   I would love to work with you......to tell your story.        Kim.